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Treaded cedar wood interior 



We design and build modern container living accommodation, offering a full turn-key solution from concept design to off-site construction and installation.


Our aim is to provide a flexible & affordable solution where designs can be customised on Size, Exterior and Interior to create a unique living space.



Containers can truly be seen in short and medium-term land-use projects. They can be relocated or stored when land is required for alternative uses.

To date, this alternative method of construction has successfully created homes, office space, multi-function workspace and retail space.



  • Stronger than bricks and concrete 

  • Cost-effective of 45% less than using concrete

  • Insulate cold and heat better than concrete

  • A sustainable material recycling steel structure of the containers  

  • We use One Trip containers, it's the newest and nicest container you can get. One Trip containers are not utilized in shipping service.

  • One Trip containers can easily surpass 50+ years with exterior facade and treatment 



We understand each design is different so we listen and ask insightful questions to understand your requirements. 


From design to completion we believe trust can grow through complete transparency of building costs, budget and planning constraints.

All of our shipping container conversions are structurally certified and meet full UK and Jamaica Building Regulations.

Frequently Ask Questions.....

What types are your sea containers made of?

Made of corten type steel with increased resistance to weather conditions. Corten (COR-TEN) steel has been specially designed and developed to minimize the corrosion process in very difficult weather conditions.