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Hello, we're Homi, a design and construction company that develops unique residential and commercial space in the UK and Jamaica.


We take pride in the work we do. Our main vision and focus is respect; this underlines our internal system of principles that guides our behaviour in how we design and build.


Turn-Key Modular System


Our integrated turn-Key method is scaleable; equally adept at creating social and economic value from entire mixed-use districts as from individual commercial or residential assets.

Our divisional team  specialising in:


  • Land acquisition

  • Planning and design

  • Development

  • Delivery

  • Build to Rent

  • Finance & investment

  • Management & place-making

Shipping containers are strong, robust and ideal to use for construction and are always a great choice. They can be used for international or domestic shipping as cargo containers. They are structurally sound, pass all IICL/AV inspection guidelines and are perfect for conservation, commercial or home storage use.