We believe in environmental upcycling with one fundamental aim to design and build to unify the principle of everyday functions. We are taking a systematic approach to addressing the affordable housing crisis, while highlighting a range of countries we are developing. 


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Frequently Ask Questions.....

What types of sea containers are made of?

Made of corten type steel with increased resistance to weather conditions. Corten (COR-TEN) steel has been specially designed and developed to minimize the corrosion process in very difficult weather conditions.

What are the dimensions of sea containers?

The length of sea containers is standardized in accordance with ISO and is expressed in feet – we usually use containers with a size of 20 and 40 (HC).

Inside, the height is 2.39m and 2.69m respectively.

DC standard container (external dimensions)

20' (feet) – 6.06m (length) x 2.44m (width) x 2.59m (height) 

40' (feet) – 12.19m (length) x 2.44m (width) x 2.59m (height)

HC container with elevated height (external dimensions)

20' (feet) – 6.06m (length) x 2.44m (width) x 2.89m (height)

40' (foot) – 12.19m (length) x 2.44m (width) x 2.89m (height)

How much does a container weigh?

An empty container is 2.5 tonnes for a 20' container and 4 tonnes for a 40' container; The equipped L30 Home module weighs approximately 8-9 tons.


How is thermal insulation and container heating solved?

The internal insulation of walls and ceilings is sprayed with closed-cell polyurethane foam with a thickness of 80 to 100mm. For floor insulation, we use closed-cell polyurethane with a thickness of 50mm. 

We recommend this practice based on European and Jamaican building standard. This allows easy maintenance of temperature regardless of the season. 


1. About 45% cheaper than monolithic and wood

2. At least 7-8 times faster

3. Extremely resistant to earthquakes

4. Environmentally and energy efficient


We provide you with all the construction documents and a construction plan absolutely free for you to provide to your local building control with our system. If you do not have a building control and an architect, we can assist you.